Linda Williams Mom Passes

Linda “Flaime” Williams Mom passed away last February 14th:

“Please put this information about my Mom’s severe illness with later Dx of Liver Cancer. This started late December 07 and steadily got worse until on February 14, Mom died in her home with Linda (daughter) holding her hands and Clint (nephew) at her head. Mom looked at each of use then shut her eyes and that was the end. She is at Peace with the Lord and with my Daddy on St. Valentine’s Day. Perfect timing. I am OK. I have my times but knowing there are people outside of me that care deeply for me makes thinks better. Mom has been cremated and now her box sits on my bookcase. We will be bringing her to Iowa in May to bury her by Daddy at Violet Hill Cemetery. Please contact me if you want to be there or not or if just a family get-together somewhere that we can have ease to comfortably talk with one another. Or call me at 575-693-5653 (cell) or (home) 575-218-3273. I look forward to hearing from all of you. Oh ya, she died of Liver Cancer – it goes by pretty rapidly. Love ya all and hope to hear from you soon!!!!”

May all the magnificent Blessing of the Lord be freshly rained down anew for you and yours!!!

Linda/FLAIME McPherson Williams

Mercy, peace and love
be yours in abundance.
Jude 2


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