Hard Lost Classmates

Seventy-two of our classmates, out of a class of 625, are what I call Hard Lost.  That means we either never knew any address for them or they moved from the address we had for them into oblivion.  We have no idea where they live or whether they are dead or alive.  It looks like about 9% of our class have passed away based on the classmates we know, so I would guess that at least half a dozen of our classmates named below are also deceased.  Never hearing from them, of course, increases that likelihood.

If you know the address or anything about any of the people below, please email me:

Andrew Wolder
Ann Priester
Betty Jo Groves Duncan
Bev Carrol Campbell
Bob Ellis
Bob Monaco
Brenda Gaumer
Carl Hannon
Cathy Lamb
Charles Wadle
Cheryl Putz Barnes
Craig Hines
Craig Munyon
Dan C. Scott
Dave McDonald
David C. Kaili Found
Dean Fraizer
DeAnna Scovel
Deb Nicholson Brown
Debra Abbot Morgan
Debra Toomer
Dennis Baker
Dennis Harrison
Dennis Woods
Donna Chrisinger
Donna Jones Chrisinger
Eva Faith
Greg Brown
Jack Kauzlarich
Jackie Hale Lewiston
Jackie Stroud
Jacqueline Rhoads
James Charles Sembower
Jeff Charles Harvey
Jeffrey Crawford
Jennifer Joyce
Jim Moore
Jina Fisher Young
Judith Ann Russell
June Anderson White
Ken Foust
Kim Beatty
Kris Sloan Trumper
Kristin Hanson
Kristy Benoit
Leanne Foreman
Mark Allen Metelman
Mark Wyatt
Mary Bengford
Melody Feathers
Melody Ross
Michael Brooks
Michael Burke
Michael Cummins
Nancy Akers
Nicholas Russo
Pam Close
Patricia Urias Stahl
Randall Brown
Robert Conn
Robert Pearson Evans
Rose Amodeo Baratta
Russ Shives
Ryuichi Hamazaki
Sue Ellen Carney Achey
Susan Turner
Terri Hayman Hawthorne
Theresa Jose Gregory
Theresa Valdez
Tim Nevins
Tom McDonald
Tom Ritchison
Valerie Ceretti
Vickie Rowe
Wendell Singleton


4 Responses to “Hard Lost Classmates”

  1. Paul Says:

    Tom lives in Norwoodville.

  2. Paul Says:

    Tom Ritchison

  3. j brookhart Says:

    betty jo groves (duncan) is listed 53423 avenida diaz la quinta, ca 92253-5411

  4. j brookhart Says:

    terri hayman hawthorne 1440hawks nest dr. st charles mo 63303-3616

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