Soft Lost Classmates

Out of a class of 625, we have 63 classmates who are what I call Soft Lost.  That means that I have an address for them, have mailed the infamous Yellow Mailer to them, it has not been returned by the post office with No Forwarding Address, but they have made no response, either by returning the Yellow Mailer or by email.

Now, probably most of these folks are exactly where I think they are.  The class doesn’t move around as much as it used to.  Nowadays, once a member of the Class of 1973 plants him or herself somewhere, they tend to take their shoes off and stay.  Those folks probably got the Yellow Mailer and the emails and thought there was no need to reply because Steve already knew where they were.

Another group of the Soft Lost Tribe has wandered away from their addresses to points unknown.  The Yellow Mailer lands in the hands of the folks who moved into their house, who pitch it in the trash.  Meanwhile, I can’t tell if the soft lost classmate still lives there or has moved on.

Others in the meandering Soft Lost Tribe wonder why I keep bugging them to get their stuff straight.  Hey, I’m a reunion nazi.  This is what I do.  Show me your papers.

When the reunion is done in a rush or we are short on cash, we first focus on the folks who respond.  If you don’t confirm your address, you could get left off future mailings.  It happenned last time around.  Also, I’ll be making up a class directory immediately before the reunion.  If you want others in the class to reach you over the next five years, you need to confirm your contact info.

If you don’t tell me where you live and how to reach you, I don’t know.  I may know where you lived five or ten or fifteen years ago, but not where you are now.  So why don’t you just end my endless interrogations and confirm your info:  name, mailing address, phones, emails, birthday, favorite color.  Just kidding about that last one, but the rest of it is as easy as an email.  Why don’t you just do it now?

If you know one of these scofflaws, you are authorized to apply peer pressure in moderate amounts to harass them into turning themselves in.  No choke holds, please.  I recommend Gentle Sarcasm at this point, punctuated with the occassional Eye Roll for emphasis.  However, after the Fourth of July, no holds are barred.  You can enforce compliance with any move that would be legal in a professional wrestling match:  The Mountain Bomb, Alabama Slam, Gorilla Press Drop, whatever.  It’s no time for half measures then.

Here is the list of the Soft Lost:

Alfred B. Campo
Amenda Fitch
Barb Baker
Bob Conner
Carol Ghee
Carol Pumphrey
Charles Curtis Brookhart
Connie Damerville
Curtis Lewis
Dave Reeser
Deb Geornt
Debra Marie Floyd
DeeAnne Daugherty Newcomb  Found!
Delbert D. Kirschbaum
Diana Gomez
Diana L. Jarshaw
Dick Lankford
Don L. Wieser
Fern Lloyd
Gary Madden
Gary Ogle
Gina Ross
Glenda Potts
Howell Lee Forman
Janet Gillum Schwartz
Jeannie M. Guzman Tiedt
Katheleen Marie Waters Walston
Kathleen Battin
Kathy DeFrancisco
Kevin M. Gracey
Lowell Chiles  Deceased
Marsha Moon Wertsch
Martin Enslow
Melody Campos Villalobos (Newly Lost)
Mike Marvin
Mike Steven
Mike Timmons
Nancee Francois Conmelly
Nancy Ann Comegys Theis
Nancy Cook
Nancy Olson
Nancy Kay Stephens Cook
Peter A. Rand
Rae Simmer Gaumer
Raleigh Duston
Rebecca Jane Bentzinger Found!
Renee Marie BeLieu
Roger Paul Brierly
Sheilah Haugh
Sheri Cinch
Steve Dingman
Steve Hunt
Steven R. Amend
Steven Herrington
Susan Mills
Susan Gabbert
Terri Evans Gabel
Terry Howard
Tim Detrick  (Newly Lost) Found Again!
Timothy Burgess
Toni Lee Gilliahan Devore
Vickie Riehm
Victoria Sanford
William Brookhart
Yvonne Riewer


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