Jeri Hoops Paca

Jeri Hoops Paca and her Mom decided to take a long-awaited vacation to Our Nation’s Capital last October. I was their tour guide for a day, forgoing the usual Guy Tour I’ve got nearly down to a science, which involves a grueling, yet exhilarating, five mile march through the museums from the National Air & Space Museum down the length of the National Mall to the Lincoln Memorial, then over to the White House and dinner in Chinatown in the boarding house where John Wilkes Booth and his conspirators plotted to assassinate Lincoln.  Mary Surratt’s boarding house is now Wok ‘n’ Roll, a Chinese joint.   I recommend the cashew chicken.

Instead of that, I gave them a Girly Girl tour mostly by car so they could see the sites more comfortably.  Took them up Embassy Row over to the old Soviet, now Russian, embassy, which is as big as a college campus, and showed them the house where the FBI spies on them and the other house where the CIA dug a tunnel into the embassy.  Washington is full of spy stories.  Drove ’em over to Georgetown where all the snooty rich people live and showed them John & Jackie Kennedy’s old brownstone. They roamed around the shops on M Street.  We even saw a famous person, George Stephanopolous, pushing a baby carriage across M Street.

Luckily, I found one of the few restaurants where you don’t pay a fifty bucks a plate nor do they pester you about what kinda of bottled water you want, as if it mattered.  Besides, they never have Raccoon River water when I ask for it.  The waiters don’t seem to think that’s very funny, either.  Snobs.

Jeri is just as nice and sweet as she was the last day of high school, when she wore that short little dress with the matching spanky-pants and leaned out the window, giving all the male students of our class a precious parting memory of their days at Lincoln High.  Her Mom is quite a live wire, too.  She had at least one artificial knee, but was scooting around pretty good.

Here’s Jeri’s bio blurb, published once before but worth repeating with the photo:

Tom and I have been married for 32 years and recently built a home on Legacy Golf Course in Norwalk. We have two daughters. Jaime is 30 and Emily is 23. Jaime is very much her father’s daughter and is in medical sales. Emily graduated with distinction from Iowa State last year and is currently working while considering taking the LSATS. So far, we have one grandson, Frank, who is perfect in every way imaginable.

I have been employed at Iowa Lutheran Hospital for 29 years as a Residency Coordinator which means I recruit medical students to do their residency in family medicine for our hospital. I do some traveling in that regard to various cities with medical schools. I am also responsible for their curriculum once they get here and for the financial operations of the program.

Since we no longer have the girls at home, we have filled the house with two dogs and two cats. (I vacuum a lot!) The dogs don’t know they are supposed to hate the cats and the cats don’t know they are supposed to be afraid of the dogs. KaiAna, a Shiba Inu, is the matriarch and takes it upon herself to show her brother and sisters the ropes and lays the ground rules. Maggie is a border collie mix who was severely beaten and abused and has learned over the last two years that she can trust and is worthy of a good life. Dora (short for Little Miss Adorable) is a bermin who also came from an abusive home and has figured out it’s okay to do little things like eat. Henry came from a shelter that was closing and didn’t have anywhere to go. His favorite thing to do is cuddle with Kai. I like my job a lot, but taking these defenseless little creatures out of abusive environments has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I highly recommend it!

So – there you go! Nothing monumental – I’m not a CEO, actress, editor, doctor or inventor, but I have people and critters I adore and a life filled with joy. It’s all a gift!


2 Responses to “Jeri Hoops Paca”

  1. Vicki Collings Says:

    Hi Jeri. It was so good to see you at the reunion. You looked great. I would love to get your email address so we can keep in touch. If you get this message, please send me your email address. Thanks.

  2. Jeri Paca Says:

    Hi Vicki –

    It was so great to see you as well. Please do keep in touch. Maybe we can have lunch sometime. Jeri

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