Reunion Golf Outing

Mike Boothe, recovering from back surgery, tells about the golf outing to be held the morning of the reunion:
Here are the details for the gold outing on September 20th, at Willow Creek:
Start times: 9:00 a.m.   They have standing tee times before this.  Besides, if you have a few beers at Baratta’s the night before, you’ll want the later time.  After all, you guys can’t drink like you did before those mixers years ago.
Cost:    18 holes w/ cart, Red Course– $42.00    9 holes w/ cart, Red course-  $26;  
Commentary from Mike Boothe, following you around the course with a camera,  on your  obvious lack of skill– priceless.
I was previously contacted by only 2 people interested in playing, but sadly that list now occupies the 5th Circle of Hell known as “Microsoft Vista”.  So even if you have contacted me previously, do so again.  The only one I can remember is Brad Long, and that assumed he would be making parole as I recall.  Even if you think you might play, let me know.  Last time we had several late comers and it kind of made it a little difficult.  Once I get a decent list, I’ll post it so if you want to contact each other about playing together you can do so.
Contact me at mboothe -at- kc. -dot- rr -dot- com, or 913-341-0823.  Snail mail is 8925 W. 100th Terrace, Overland Park, KS, 66212.  I had spinal fusion surgery about 10 days ago so I’ll be here for another few weeks.
If you want a link to Willow Creek, here you go:
If you want a link to News of the Weird, which is a lot funnier, here you go:

22 Responses to “Reunion Golf Outing”

  1. Mike Boothe Says:

    Okay, get with it now. So far I have had 3 people contact me since this was posted. I’m sure there are more out there. The last couple of times we did this we had about 15-20 people. Copy this and send it to the former classmates you are still in contact with and see if they are interested.

  2. Mike Boothe Says:

    Whoa, boy, when I asked for a response from you guys, I really got a response. It’s a good thing I was wearing a back brace when I opened my email as the overwhelming emails practically undid my surgery.

    I received a total of 4, yes, 4 people that want to play golf. So far, Brad Long, Mike Klisares, and Sharon & Dave Gatto (her handicap is him). Holy cow, I wonder if Willow Creek can handle the overload.

    Where are the golfers, like Rob Pomerantz, Jim Wallace, Scott Hawkins (you can’t use an eraser on your scorecard this year), Dick Lankford, Al Knight, Jack Eaton, Gayle Mitchell. I’ll buy the “Naked Lady Golf Tees” for the next 10 people that sign up! A limited offer! Not valid in NY state, new Jersey, nor the island of Guam.

  3. Loretta Rizzuti Says:

    I am not a golfer, but would love to just hangout with those that do golf. Thanks, Mike….looking forward to seeing everyone.

  4. stevengregg Says:

    Mike, looks like you got a caddy.

  5. Rachel Noon Says:

    Man, I’m really loathe golf. All that grass, sand and water, and no dogs allowed. Anyone up for soccer?

  6. Mike Boothe Says:

    Sorry, Rachel, it isn’t soccer season. That runs later in the year, along with deer season, though during soccer season, there is no limit on how many one can bag. I believe the permit is only $10.

  7. Mike Boothe Says:

    Good evening– Thought I’d go ahead and post the list of golfers so far. It’s possible it will encourage others to play. On the other had, it might cause people to flee into the hills and join the Witness Protection Program. If you play golf with this crew, check them for erasers on their pencils. And three of them went to Park Avenue Elementary, and thereby shouldn’t be trusted anyway.

    Brad Long
    Dave Gatto
    Sharron Gatto
    Mike Klisares
    Jerry Mohler
    Mike Mihalovich (maybe)

  8. Jill Hoffman Reynolds Says:

    Hi Mike:

    Hope you’re on the mend! Judi Baker Houghtaling and Jill Hoffman Reynolds would like to add to the list of Park Avenue graduates who cannot be trusted. We would like to sign up for a 9:00 a.m. tee time (we both take so much prescription medication that limits are alcoholic intake). So, no problem getting up with the chickens! Due to our limited mobility, we can only do 9 holes. Neither one of us would dare bring out electric wheelchairs to the course–it would take all the fun out of watching us limp and gimp around!!!

  9. stevengregg Says:

    Tim Detrick tells me he just had spinal fusion surgery, too. I hope this is not some kind of new fad in our fifties, like disco was in our twenties.

  10. Mike Boothe Says:

    Jill– I’ll put you & Judy down for golf. Congratulations, you also win some naked lady golf tees!

    This must be the reunion where we compare medical procedures. Everyone should bring their latest list of medications (the legal ones).

    Geez, maybe we should have had a discount for those with an AARP card.

  11. Mike Boothe Says:

    Here’s an updated list, effective August 8, 2008:

    Brad Long
    Dave Gatto
    Sharron Gatto
    Mike Klisares
    Jerry Mohler
    Mike Mihalovich
    Judi Baker Houghtaling (9 holes)
    Jill Hoffman Reynolds ( 9 holes)
    Scott Andrews

  12. Mike Boothe Says:

    Add one more to the list of golfers– Ken Horner.

  13. Mike Boothe Says:

    Add two more golfers: Dave Kaili just called and he’s in, and probably his dad as well. Maybe I’ll see if I can get him to run wind sprints, in a role reversal of many years ago.

  14. Mike Boothe Says:

    Let me be clear– I’d have Dave, Sr run the wind sprints. Dave junionr ran enough with the rest of us.

  15. Tom Comiskey Says:

    I’d even show up to see that —

  16. Mike Boothe Says:

    Howdy– I received info on 4 more golfers in the fray. If you’re playing in front of these guys, watch out. Bob Conner only yells “FORE” after he hits someone.

    If you are interested, please let me know no later than August 31st. I need to talk w/ Willow Creek about getting all the foursomes together.

    Oops, I forgot I need to order naked lady golf tees for you guys.

    he’s the updated list as of 8/22/2008 at 6:42 pm. Central Daylight Time.

    Brad Long
    Dave Gatto
    Sharron Gatto
    Mike Klisares
    Jerry Mohler
    Mike Mihalovich
    Judi Baker Houghtaling
    Jill Hoffman Reynolds
    Scott Andrews
    Ken Horner
    Dave Kaili
    Dave Kaili, Sr.
    Bob Connor
    Mike Daly
    Tom Griffith
    Greg Cole

  17. Judi Houghtaling Says:

    Hey Tom,
    How are things down south? Hope you will be coming to the Park Ave. breakfast @ Jill’s

    If you have any problem finding someone to golf w/us we’ll understand. We’ll be the clueless women trying to locate our naked men golf balls in the woods. see ya ina few! JHB

  18. David Gatto Says:

    Comiskey, where is your name on the golf list? Come on out, you can drive me around and make sure I don’t loose my hydration and can find all of the holes! We can take the two doctors along in case we really get in trouble.

  19. Sharon Gatto Says:

    Judi and Jill,

    If you 2 are only playing 9, I will play. I don’t know if the guys can handle me playing 18 with them. I might out play them.

    Sharon Pascuzzi Gatto

  20. Deb Swanson-Dresback Says:

    Hi Everyone!
    Time is almost here,and we are so organized.We have so much planned,so that everyone comes back home,to reunite,relax,renew.We want this to be the greatest,and we have worked so hard.We applaud Steve for all his hard work,this is great!!Along,with Steve here at home,I have Rich Cross,Jane Thurmond-Goddard,Jean Hillenbrand,Cynthia Dunston,Deb Leahy,Mary Kay Massolini-Zavier,Paulete Bussamass-Fields,And,a great big hand for our golf outing guy,Mike Boothe..

    Thank You Everyone…We cannot wait for everyone to come home!!
    And,if I forgot anyone,I am sorry..

    See you Sept 19th,at Hutchens!!

    And,,,,,,Go Get “Em Rails !!! Go Lincoln

    Deb and the committee

  21. Tom Comiskey Says:

    Hey Dave —
    I have a family thing I have to attend Saturday morning —
    Haven’t been up to Des Moines for awhile — gotta make the rounds.

    Being your golf chauffeur would be great fun, though….
    It’s always a good idea to stay hydrated when you’re out goofin’………….

  22. Tom Comiskey Says:

    Hi Judi —
    Great to hear from you — you, Jill and Sharon are gonna play golf with this crew?
    Good luck……….

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