Mary Brugioni Cheshier

Mary Brugioni Cheshier and husband Dennis

After graduation from Lincoln, I went to Iowa City to attend The University of Iowa. I ended up living there for 15 years! I did graduate finally with a BA in Journalism. While working for The University of Iowa in offices, decided to continue my education and earned a Masters degree in Higher Education.

I got married, had my first child, Jamie (a boy) who is 31 years old now and still lives in Iowa City, and got divorced. I met my current husband, Dennis, at The University of Iowa while he was on recruiting duty for the Marine Corps. The joke is, he recruited me and we got married. Soon after, we moved to Southern California where he was stationed at Camp Pendleton.

We have a son, Chris, who is now 17 years old. We moved briefly to Battle Creek, Michigan the year of our 1993 class reunion, then moved back to Southern California to Murrieta, CA. My husband retired from the Marine Corps after 21 years and became a police officer. I worked for the University of California, Riverside for 7 years and then decided to get my California Teaching Credential. What was I thinking, making a big career change in my late forties!

Now I am a high school English teacher. I guess I’m a late bloomer. I have lots of fond memories of Des Moines and Lincoln High School. Since moving away from the Midwest I have realized how friendly and nice people are who are from Iowa. I would be glad to hear from any of you. See you at the reunion.


5 Responses to “Mary Brugioni Cheshier”

  1. Jill Hoffman Reynolds Says:

    Hi Mary–Look forward to seeing you at the reunion–it’s been a long, long time since dancing days at Betty Hill! From your picture, I think you look a lot like your Mom. I never will forget those Barbie Clothes she used to make to sell–I still have some. Do they still live on Park Avenue?

    See you in September!

    Jill Hoffman Reynolds

  2. Mary Brugioni Cheshier Says:

    I was good to hear from you. My mother lives in Michigan now. My father passed away 5 years ago. My mother uses her sewing skils on quitling now. I can’t wait to see you and everyone at the reunion. I hope Linda Rizutti comes too. I missed the last reunion.

    Mary Brugioni Cheshier

  3. Spearedgeta Says:

    Thanks !

  4. Mark Blunck Says:

    Hi Mary. Well, you look great and congratulations on your academic achievements. I’m impressed. You are coming to the reunion, right? Your husband definitely looks like a no-nonsense Marine. Semper Fi.

  5. Debbie (Cox) Koopman Says:

    Mary this is a voice from 1972 I don’t even know if you remember me my name at the time was Debbie Cox I dated David Clemen and I remember your brother Rick was a great guy. Your name came up this weekend at a Iowa athletic directors conference that I intended because of a friend being recognized. And found out that his athletic director Tom Lipivac from Perry Iowa graduated from Lincoln with you. And out of curiosity I just Googled you and I hope your life is good. I hope Rick’s life is good. mine is terrific . I live in Cedar Rapids and sometimes I think the internet can be fun and interesting.

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