Dave Kaili

For those of you who have neglected to read the latest issue of the “Customer Focus” newsletter from the Iowa Department of Administrative Services, you might turn to page two of the July/August edition where the story, “Building Walls, Saving Cities“, tells the tale of how our classmate Dave Kaili saved Iowa during the floods, or at least a part of it:

“Four miles of flood wall delivered in 48 hours. With a few calls and considerable diligence, that’s what Dave Kaili, DAS/GSE-Purchasing, was able to do while working at the HSEMD in Johnston at the peak of flood response ctivities. Once the materials from HESCO-USA were delivered to Burlington, a six person crew took only 7 hours to construct 600 feet of wall surrounding that city’s postal facility – a third of the time and much less of the manpower required by using traditional sandbags.  What a great example of someone thinking outside of the box in a time of extraordinary need.”


3 Responses to “Dave Kaili”

  1. Tom Comiskey Says:

    Way to hit, Dave! You always were good at “thinking outside the box”….

    It’s nice to know that taxpayer dollars are being spent prudently and wisely by guys like you.

    You coming to the reunion? Sure hope so…………

    (Att’n Dewey Boothe: As a municipal employee in Kansas, maybe you could learn a thing or two from Dave’s example).


  2. stevengregg Says:

    The unofficial word is that Dave is coming.

  3. Mark Blunck Says:

    Hi Dave,

    Now that’s a great story about yourself. Way to go man. I do hope to see you at the reunion as it’s been awhile. I did spend five of my six football years with you to the right of me yelling out the count. So you owe it to all of us to show up. Wing right – 22 Counter was my favorite play. So please show up and we will have a great time.

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