Jane Nagel Brookhart

Jane Nagel Brookhart married classmate Charles “Curt” Brookhart.  She writes:

“I will be attending [the reunion] dont know if Curt will or not. Not much of a people person like myself. Dated as sophmores.  Got married in May of 1975 (33year).  Still very happy.  We have 3 daughters. Oldest is 29, 24, 20.  We have three grandchildren, 2 boys, 1 girl.  They all live on the southside; just cant seem to leave…. 

“Curt works for the city of Des Moines.  He is a reserve police officer in his time off (weekends mostly).  He coaches college softball at Simpson in Indianola.  Coaches high school softball at I 35 in Truro. Lincoln didnt seem to want him.  Kyle Black thought maybe he was too hard core.  But so far lincoln is not doing well.. he loves what he does.

“I work for Accent Tag and Label.  And go with him to softball games watch my grandkids and coach with my oldest daughter 4 and 5 year olds.  Serve on an executive board for south Des Moines girls softball. Not alot to write home about but a little.”


3 Responses to “Jane Nagel Brookhart”

  1. Ann (Hartman) Williams Says:

    Hey, Jane, I’m coming from Arizona for the reunion. Hope to see you there. I leave my husband of 35 years home also. I feel it is easier to talk with all my girl friends if he’s not there bored….lol

  2. Mark Blunck Says:

    Hi Jane,

    I hope you remember me. It sounds like you’ve been enjoying life since high school. By the way, please convince Curt to attend the reunion. I think he came to the 10th but that was it. I met him in 7th grade and always enjoyed being around him. I remember you as having a vibrant personality. I’ll be flying in from San Francisco and look forward to seeing you and everyone else.

  3. P.J. Reynolds/Mayfield Says:

    Cleo Brookhart was my lockermate my junior year. He was a great guy. Looking forward to the reunion.

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