Patti Jo Reynolds Mayfield

PJ Reynolds Mayfield and her hubby have moved into their newly built home in West Des Moines.  Here’s PJ’s tour of the Casa Mayfield.

You have to admit, it looks pretty good with grass and a driveway.

Here’s the inside.  Do they get the History Channel out there?

And a look out the back at the deck.  So when are you inviting the class over for a barbecue, PJ?


4 Responses to “Patti Jo Reynolds Mayfield”

  1. P.J. Reynolds/Mayfield Says:

    The Class of ’73’ is always welcome at 2413 Crown Flair Drive!! Heading for Alaska this Thursday, but I will be back by the 25th and ready to see all my old friends at the reunion!!!

  2. stevengregg Says:


    We’re expecting bear steaks and salmon dip when you come back.

  3. Tom Comiskey Says:

    Nice crib PJ! I really like your deck!

  4. P.J. Reynolds/Mayfield Says:

    Thanks, Tom……..we have another deck off of our bedroom that is my favorite….it’s the one that will have our hot-tub next to it. LOL When we were younger, it was to party in….now, it’s just a remedy for all my aches and pains before I head to bed.
    See you soon…tell Steve I am bringing him back a salmon!

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