Deb Petosa VandeWeerd & Jerry Leahy

Classmate Deb Petosa VandeWeerd married classmate Jerry Leahy last Thursday, August 7th.  That’s classmate Deb Swanson Dresback on the right, who took time off from her Herculean labors organizing the reunion to help Deb get hitched.

It’s a done deal.  Deb Swanson Dresback, Deb Petosa VandeWeerd, Jerry Leahy, priest, best man. 

The wedding party.

Best wishes to the happy couple for a long life of joy together.


2 Responses to “Deb Petosa VandeWeerd & Jerry Leahy”

  1. P.J. Reynolds/Mayfield Says:

    Congratulations, Deb! Bet you guys will be the only newlyweds at the reunion! May you enjoy many years together.

  2. Deb Swanson-Dresback Says:

    This whole thing was a blast right from the get go.Deb and I went shopping,planned,invitations,food,flowers,ect…The date got moved many times,and we were not sure what was going to happen..Since,Deb and I do not take no,as an answer we kept going,Jerry as well.

    On Aug 7th at 6:20 am I was getting ready for work,when the phone rang,and Deb say’s…”Guess what you are doing today”.?
    I thought go to the hell hole,but she said,no not today.Get on your fancy outfit,our heels,flowers and be at Christ The King at 3:30..We are having a wedding today…

    Oh,by the way,Sis..Could you find us a restaurant for the wedding party tonight after the ceremony…It was great…

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