High School Popularity

Here’s an interesting article about the value of popularity in high school:  “Spot on Popularity Scale Speaks to the Future; Middle Has Its Rewards.”  Turns out being in the “In” crowd has its down side,  peer pressure driving you to do dumb stuff too much.  Being in the middle is OK.  Whew!  Even being in one of the out cliques is OK, as long as you’re OK with each other.  

It’s from the New York Times, but who knows, it still could be true.


3 Responses to “High School Popularity”

  1. P.J. Reynolds/Mayfield Says:

    LOL…guess I’m good to go, then. Thanks for the article Steve, it relieves all that anxiety I had about “mixing in”. Connie Turner and I were music geeks, so we will be looking for other “fellow geeks” at the game! I wanted to let you all know that I was planning on losing a bunch of weight for the re-union, but then I thought it might make others feel bad….so, I kept the weight on, and am coming as I am just so the rest of you won’t feel bad!!! It was a scarifice, but one I gladly made as I ate my way through an Alaskan Cruise a couple weeks ago! See you at the game. Go Rails!

  2. Terry Jose aka Theresa Gregory Says:

    I’m a fellow music geek PJ…. just wrote Steve Gregg tonight, so might will get the ck out to see the ol’ Rail gang….
    Love your new home….go girl go!

  3. P.J. Reynolds/Mayfield Says:

    Hi Terry! So good to hear from you. Glad you will be going to the reunion, be sure to sit with us “Geeks”. Thanks for the compliment about our home. We will have been married 30 years next May…..two states, six towns, eighteen cars, and fourteen homes later….we finally built this one ourselves. LOL the numbers are accurate, sad, but true. The amazing part to me is that each and every one of us have stories to tell….marriage, divorce, children born, babies died, incredible joy and immense sadness…wish there was time to hear them all. Let’s try at the reunion, at least a few at a time.
    Looking forward to seeing you there, P.J.

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