PJ Reynolds Mayfield

Patti Jo in Juneau, Alaska

Patti Jo in Juneau, Alaska

Yes, it is I….in all my resplendent glory. (It was a bad hair day at the whale watch, hence the hat!) This was where we ended the day…a little “Mining-Camp-like” place where we ate fresh clam chowder, BBQ Ribs, Chicken….and oh, yes….fresh, grilled Salmon. It was fun. We ate outside at little table next to a salmon stream and there were actually salmon going up ….or down….anyway, they were swimming by as we ate their buddies.

Oh, and it was in Juneau, AK….home of the feistiest, VP candidate yet to come down the pike….er…. salmon?


3 Responses to “PJ Reynolds Mayfield”

  1. Mark Blunck Says:

    Hi Patti. So you have been in the Butler House. My first visit was in 1986 when the college president was the last occupant. He took me on a tour and I was so surprised that I had paid no attention to this building until then. Your comments on the ramp are great. Now, did you know that when the house was restored for business purposes, the ramp posed a problem for fire codes. One option would have been to close it off with doors at each end. When I spoke with the project architect, he knew that would have destroyed the integrity of the interior, so they were able to meet fire code with an external spiral staircase on the north side of the house. It doesn’t look great but much preferred to the first option. Too bad about all the additions to the place. I like your picture in Alaska. Looks beautiful. See you this weekend.

  2. Ann (Hartman) Williams Says:

    Patti were you even at the Reunion? Since you were posting all this stuff prior to the reunion I thought for sure you were going, but I did not see you at all…..I can’t believe we didn’t recognize each other enough that we didn’t see each other at all. Please let me know if you were there at all.

  3. stevengregg Says:

    Patti was there. She gave me the salmon she promised, through freeze-dried. She never did buy me the drink she promised to wash it down with but, hey, free salmon!

    One of the incredible but true facts of the reunion is that we can lock you in one room for three or four hours and you will still not meet everyone. It’s happenned to me, where I have been searching for somebody and she for me and we never connected. Tagging classmates with nametags helped a lot. So does publishing the list of who will be there. Yet, it still happens.

    I don’t know what we can do but strap GPS trackers on everyone’s ankles and post their locations in the room on a big screen TV overhead. It may come to that.

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