Sherry Gamble Cooper

Sherry in Las Vegas, 2007

Sherry in Las Vegas, 2007

Well, I and others that really know me have always said that I should write a book. I won’t go that far but I will skim the top of what I have been doing since I left Lincoln High.

After graduation, my brother Cliff Gamble, (Lincoln Grad of 71) packed up and moved to Southern California. Our Dad was living in Southern California after he divorced our Mom. Cliff & I got a place in Pasadena. I worked for a short time at a company where I met my first husband, Steve Garcia. A native of California, from the San Fernando Valley. We ended up living together and eventually going to Las Vegas to get married in January of 1975.

Soon I had my first child, Sebastion “Sonny” in Glendale, California. We ended up moving to Eagle Rock, California, closer to Steve’s Mom and family, and then moved back to Pasadena California. We used to walk to the Rose Parade for about the next 5 years, (I love a parade)! I got my start in the banking business and my first job at Bank of America in Pasadena.

In 1978 I had my second child, Serena, in Hollywood California. My Dad used to raise Quarterhorses and while we were at my Dad’s visiting, Steve and Sebastion were going to go riding with my Step-mother. Sonny was only 3 yrs old at the time and he got kicked in the head by one of the horses that they were going to go riding on. We took him immediately to the hospital in Arcadia. The doctors did alot of stitching. They told us that he did not have a fractured skull and sent us on our way.

A couple of days later, there apparently was something wrong. I took him to the Emergency Room at a different hospital and we were told that he would need surgery. He did have a fracture after all. The doctor had said if he didn’t have the surgery that he would have black outs, seizures and other health problems. We are very grateful for Doctor Greathouse, who took care of Sonny. It was a scary time.

Just before Sonny got hurt, I had just started a new job at a Bank in a highrise in Glendale, California. In time Sonny got better, but to this day he is still skitish about being around horses. Truth be known, I am too.

I found out that I was going to have another child. My mother in law was hoping that we would have a very small family. Because she had 9 children, she did not want us to follow in those footsteps. Believe me, I wasn’t planning on it. My husband agreed to move to Iowa and we lived with my Mom in Polk City Iowa for a short time. We ended up getting a place in Des Moines right off of University. I worked for Iowa-Des Moines National Bank Downtown.

These are my daughters Serena (30 yrs old) & Stacey (28 yrs old). That's me in the middle.

These are my daughters Serena (30 yrs old) & Stacey (28 yrs old). That is me in the middle. Mothers Day 2006

In December of 1979, I was 9 months pregnant with my daughter Stacey, when I went to get into the car to go to work and the car started rolling down our steep driveway and I couldn’t get out of the way. The car ended up knocking me down and rolling over both my upper legs. A boy scout was making a phone call at a gas station accross the street. Remarkably, I did not suffer any broken bones, but I did go into shock. The boy scout had called 911 and I was taken to the hospital. I was watched by the hospital staff, they were sure I was going to give birth to a baby. Well, it didn’t happen.

The next day the hospital sent me home on crutches and 2 days later, I had to go back to the hospital and I had my daughter Stacey, my last child. I got my tubes tied after that.

We didn’t stay much longer in Iowa. Steve never did get used to living where there are four seasons, coming from California. Truth be known, that’s why I left Iowa in the first place, was because of the winters. I just don’t do well with being cold. Plus my husband Steve’s grandmother, who was 99 years old, had fallen and got gangreen in her leg and it had to be amputated. She only lived a couple of days after the surgery and passed away. Steve grew up and lived with his grandmother as a child and the passing of his grandmother was devestating. Not only that, but we had just found out that John Lennon had been shot and killed.

We moved back to Southern California and things were pretty bad. Hard times were really hitting us hard. Steve and I separated at that time. I had contacted my brother Cliff, who was living in Davis California. Jeff Clayton and Mark Hertline were living in Davis at the time too. So I packed up the car and we all went to Northern California. Steve’s oldest brother was attending Berkely University and Steve went to live with him. While the kids and I went to live with Cliff.

I got a job at Sacramento Savings in Davis and the kids and I moved into our own place not far from Cliff. I would take the kids to visit their Dad in Berkely, but the separation became too much for Steve and he begged to come back into our lives. (Did I mention that Steve abused alcohol and his me?) I gave in for the kids. Davis ended up being our home for a long time. All 3 kids ended up going to school in Davis from Kindergarten through High School. The kids played sports, soccer and baseball. I would not let Sonny play football.

Steve was the manager of most of Sonny’s teams. They went on to have championship soccer and baseball teams. I saved newspaper clippings and took lots of pictures and home movies. Sonny even went to Maui, Hawaii to play on a Select Soccer Team.

I got a job at an Insurance Company in Davis, and the ironic thing was the President and Vice President;s names was (get this) Cliff Gamble. No joke…, No relation.

I had a suprise call one day, by Vickie Knudson, who had just moved to Davis with her two sons, Matt & Jake. It was great having my good friend Vickie living so close. I had started my own business, doing domestic and commercial cleaning. After about 5 years of trying to get a job at the University of California Davis, I finally got a job as a janitor for the dorms. I just needed to get my foot in the door. An opening finally came open in the Cashiers Office, where students paid their tuitions and such. It was what I always wanted. I worked for the University for about 5 years total.

What came next was the 20 year class reunion in 1993. I was not happily married, and I went to Iowa alone and I ended up taking someone to the class reunion that I had known all my life growing up on the south side of Des Moines. His name was Gary Graham. We made plans for me to leave my husband and we would finally be together. And that’s exactly what I did.

Steve and I separated again. I moved to Iowa and Steve insisted that I take my daughters with me and Sonny would stay with him. My daughters hated Iowa, but I think they hated Gary more. We moved to Newton, Iowa, because Gary was employed at the Maytag plant. Gary didn’t get along too well with my daughters either. Soon Stacey left and went back to California and Serena was soon to follow. Serena did move back and forth a couple of times. She just didn’t know where or who she wanted to stay with.

While I was living in Newton, I worked at the local bank. I also got a second job at Prairie Meadows Racetrack & Casino. I found out that Gary was having an affair with a woman at Maytag and things got weird. (Did I mention that Gary was a jerk and abused me mentally and physically?) I moved away from Newton and moved to Indianola where my Mom, Sister & Grandmother lived. I continued working at the Casino. I started out as a cage cashier and within 6 months was Supervisor of the cage cashiers on the swing shift. I loved it!! It was fun, exciting, I lost alot of weight and felt great and I was making good money.

Taken at the Colorado Airport in July. Richard and I were waiting for our plane to go to Chicago for my daughter Serena's wedding that took place July 12th, 2008.

Taken at the Colorado Airport in July. Richard and I were waiting for our plane to go to Chicago for my daughter Serena

Gary and his fling didn’t last and he came to the Casino and like a fool, I went back to him. The abuse didn’t stop and I had had enough (going to work with a black eye did it for me), and I started making plans to move back to Davis, California. Yep, Cliff was there for me again. Gary was not wanting to stay in Iowa as he had burnt so many bridges that he felt he had to make a chang e and we went to California together. (What the hell was I thinking?)

Cliff was shocked, mad and confused, as to why I would even bring this idiot back with me. Gary & I moved around alot. Going from Sacramento to Davis. And in 1998, I divorced Steve and two days after it was final, Gary & I went to Reno and got married.

Things didn’t get any better, in fact it got worse. Gary was having an affair with another woman in Davis. Our marriage ended almost one year later, with Gary brandishing a gun on me. That was finally it for me. We went through a nasty divorce that took longer then I was married to him and cost me a butt load of money.

So I was a free woman again. The kids were grown and out of school. Sonny joined the Navy and was in for 4 years. He was an avionics technician. It was the best thing for him. He even played soccer for the Navy team. I lived by myself for a long time. I got a job at Cal Fed Bank in West Sacramento California. It was a great job. Citibank ended up taking the company over in merger, but I was with the company for 7 years.

I was having the time of my life. I moved in with a good friend and her high school aged daughter in Dixon California for about 2 years. While living with my friend Vicki Stone 9/11 happened. What a horrible day that was. My Dad was living in Sacramento and his health was not doing good. His diabetes had forced him into retirement from FedEx Freight. I had moved in with my Dad & stepmother to help them out.

Serena, Rick, Christina, Sebastion "Sonny", Mya, Sebastion Jr, Sherry, Richard, Sigmond "Ziggy", Corey, Stacey & Matt.  Serena & Rick just got married on July 12th, 2008, Sigmond "Ziggy" (now 8) is her son from a previous marriage.They live in Downers Grove, Illinois.

Richard and I got married in our back yard July 1st, 2006, in Westminster, Colorado, just north of Denver. This is a great family wedding picture. From L-R: Serena, Rick, Christina, Sebastion "Sonny", Mya, Sebastion Jr, Sherry, Richard, Sigmond "Ziggy", Corey, Stacey & Matt. Serena & Rick just got married on July 12th, 2008, Sigmond "Ziggy" (now 8) is her son from a previous marriage.They live in Downers Grove, Illinois. Sebastion Sebastion "Sonny" (now 33), he is holding Sebastion Jr (now 3), Mya (now 5) & Christina (with child, my grandson Tomas now 1) live in New Orleans, Louisiana. Stacey & Matt are engaged to be married next year in the fall 2009. They live near Serena & Rick in Illinois. Corey (now 28) is Richards oldest son from his 1st marriage. He lives in Denver Colorado. Richard has one other Son, Evan (now 26) who lives in San Diego California.

It was almost 20 years to the day that I found myself in another car accident. December 16, 2002 This time it was by a car load of drunks. It has been difficult to get back to normal. (What ever normal is?) While recooperating at my Dad’s is where I met Richard. He was getting out of an unmarried relationship that he had been in for about 9 years, because she was having an affair with one of his good friends. Richard and my younger brother Terry and my Dad all worked for Fed Ex. Richard and my brother Terry were going to find a place together because Terry was also going through a separation with his wife of 15 years. When Richard came over to my Dad’s house to talk to Terry, I was there and kept Richard occupied until Terry got there. ….and as they say the rest is history.

This is a picture of my husband Richard and me. Taken in Dead Wood, South Dakota. Our honeymoon trip 2006.

This is a picture of my husband Richard and me. Taken in Dead Wood, South Dakota. Our honeymoon trip 2006.

Richard transferred with Fex Ex to Colorado and yes I followed him. It’s the best choice I’ve made in a long time. He is wonderful to me my kids, and my kids love him too. The only drawback…….it snows in Colorado, (yuck!)

This is a picture of our house in Westminster Colorado.

This is a picture of our house in Westminster Colorado.


6 Responses to “Sherry Gamble Cooper”

  1. Vicky Knudson-Rasser Says:

    Hi Sherri, Great to hear from you today. Well that is a start on the book of youy life story I think. Sorry to have to miss you and everyone at the reunion. Hope we are all around for the next one. Love, Vicky

  2. Deb Dresback Says:

    To Our 1973 Classmates.
    The night we left Willow Creek,the committee,were exhaused.At this time never wanting to think of a planning meeting,getting quotes,handling the money,ect.We were worn out.Releived,and still excited.

    Last week I talked to Jane who is in Tennessee awaiting the arrival of grandchild #2,and later on meeting Rich and Deena for coffee at Starbuck’s.Our topic…………Reunion 2013

    Yes…There will be one in 5 years..

  3. Mike Boothe Says:

    Deb– count me in to help. Maybe we can award a maroon & gold jacket to the winner of the golf outing, instead of the fabled green jacket of the Masters.

  4. Tom Comiskey Says:

    Dewey —
    I was thinking an old t-shirt with a black “X” spray painted on it would suffice (just kiddin’)………..


  5. Mike Boothe Says:

    Tom– I thought about one of my old “Tippa Tappa Day” shirts, but those are long gone.

  6. Sherry Gamble Cooper Says:

    I want to Thank the Reunion Committee for all their hard work. It turned out to be a great time. To Rich & Jane..You will always be very special to me. I Love my Lincoln insulated lunch tote. I use it every day. I also purchased a couple of shirts at the game and wear them with pride. I ordered my class reunion prints from Dan’s Photography. Wish you could see EVERYONE’S smiling face in the class photo. I thought it was a great idea to have all the Junior Highs assemble for their group photo. I am looking forward to the next reunion. Deb..Thank you for sending me the obit for Dave Bowen . My heart goes out to Sandi and those closest to him, that suffer from his loss. Thanks for the memories.

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