Deb Swanson Dresback

I cannot thank you all enough for coming and supporting our reunion this weekend.  We have worked so hard and so long. We have had to get quotes, vote, plan, talk to people, make endless trips, phone calls.  It was a major project.  And, through it I have to admit, sometimes Jane, Rich and I were ready to run, then we would ask ourselves, “Why are we doing this again”.

That was answered this weekend.  All of our headaches paid off.  It was amazing to see you all out there having so much fun. I cannot remember a better reunion or when I enjoyed myself so much.

Our class is truely one of a kind. I am finding this through every thing we go through.  Your classmates are your buds.  We all go way back.  We have each others backs and are family.  I absolutely live for these and, when it comes, it is gone so fast and you wonder where did it go.

We did our best to add things this year we never had before. Everything went off beautifully.

But, with all we had to do and the time it took and all the folks that showed up…I applaud you..I thank you from all of us who worked everyday on getting us back together.

Thank Mike Booth for a very successful fun golf outing.

Thank Paulete Fields for the breakfast planning and ordering the cake.

And, thank you Steve Gregg for all your phone calls, flyers, emails, letters, pictures, support, finding graduates, and spreading the word all over.  You were Godsent to us.

In closing I want to thank my wonderful committee here in Des Moines, who met on short notice, did anything they were asked, made phone calls, and were support through this all.

Rich Cross…Jane Thurmond-Goddard…Mary Kay Massolini-Zavier…Ronn Jean Heldenbrand-Heaberlin
Cyndi Dunston-Barber… You guys are the best!!!! You put up with me….

And thanks to Deb and Jerry Leahy who were decorating, cleaning up, and let us use their wedding decorations at our tables Saturday night.


You are all so awesome and we the Lincoln High School Class Of 1973  Still Rock!!

GO RAILS!!!!!!!

I Love You All, My Friends,



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