The 2013 Reunion Is On

Deb Swanson Dresback, one of the main organizers for the reunion, has been talking with the exhausted crew of organizers after the reunion and found, to their surprise, that they want to do it all again.  So, in a combination of partying fun, high school spirit, and masochism, they have decided to start organizing the 2013 reunion.  Here’s Deb’s message to the class:

To our 1973 Lincoln Brothers and Sisters, we have heard a lot of sadness expressed by classmates, about 2013. Part of this is true, but I want there to be no doubt about this. After Rich, Jane and I were done with this past reunion, we did say we were done, and someone else could take the books and run. We had a lot of responsibility, headaches, run in’s. So you all know….We are going at it again. Rich and I talked last night, Jane and I met for dinner Tuesday night, and we are on it like Bluebonnet. Jane and I spent like 3 hours discussing what we would do to make next one better. We cannot top the one we just had.

So, it is offical we will do it again…So, for all the emails, phone calls, cards….We will have 2013!! I am not sure if misery loves company, we have “L”s on our heads, or we love you all. Just relax… I will con Mary Kay into decorating again, and, Jean Heaberlin, Cyndi Barber in to help. And, Steve at the emails, flyers, etc…We are flying…So, yes…We are, and, for us to be asked so nicely, and the thought we weren’t going to, YES….YES…..It is our pleasure!!

At the end of each reunion, and we realize this is it, we have so much pressure gone…But, within hours we are on the phone, doing it again. As long as we can drive, have minds and patience to do this, and our class comes along and supports us, we are here. Thank you for all your calls, emails, cards to encourage us.

We Thank You All !!

Rich, Deb, Jane, Mary Kay, Jean, Cyndi, Dewey Boothe(golf), Paulete Fields (Breakfast)

So keep an eye on this website for class news and news about the next reunion. You might want to bookmark this website now and check in from time to time. If you lose the URL address for this class blog, you can easily find it again by googling “Des Moines Lincoln High Class of 1973”. If you move, email me your new address. If you haven’t heard from us a year before the next five year reunion, by the 4th of July in 2012 when the next presidential campaign is in high gear, then we have lost track of you and you should contact us.

I will always have the same email address, as long as I can keep it. I will keep this class blog going through the next reunion. WordPress doesn’t charge for the blog, so it’s not a burden. However, technology is changing so fast, there might be something even better five years from now. Probably, the number of posts will slow down in the next few years, but all the news we get will be posted here. It will be your one-stop shopping center for class news.


4 Responses to “The 2013 Reunion Is On”

  1. Mike Boothe Says:

    After having watched the golfers this year, I can only think of one suggestion:

    See you in 2013.

  2. Loretta Rizzuti Says:

    Thanks Deb…..I truly appreicate all you have done to keep this class close. I will admit, at times I thought you were crazy, and did not want to be invloved, but as you have told me many many times, we don’t get to pick our families, but our friends and classmates we do. I am very proud and honored to call you my BFF. I hope to be around in 2013, but as the past has shown, we will never know. Thanks again.

  3. Mary Kay (Masolini) Zaver Says:

    No need to con me, I will be happy to do the decorating again of course with help! I hope that everyone that came to the reunion enjoyed this years. I know how hard it is to find people to help but I had a blast and hope the next reunion will be even better. If anyone has suggestions please let me know. It is such a great group to work with that it is totally fun and hard to say no! The class of “73” are the best classmates to call friends. GO RAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sherry Gamble Cooper Says:

    God Willing, I’ll be there! I hope to bring Richard next time.
    I wish we would of had some kind of music at some of our 2008 event places. I didn’t hear any music at all and was kinda disappointed. Otherwise, I loved the time and places spent with everyone.
    Hang On and Hang in There till 2013!!

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