Reunion Reviews

Deb Swanson Dresback, reunion organizer, writes to say that the folks we worked with for the reunion had lots of good things to say about our class:

I was told by Dan’s Photography:  “We so enjoyed your class.  You are the closest, and most fun group we have done.  We heard from Lincoln Alumni, and other Lincoln Reunion groups, that your class had the most successful reunions, and the most fun as a group”

By the board of Build Lincoln Higher, “Your class are amazing..Most classes are lucky to have a very few that care enough to come home.  But, your class are not only the closiest class, most caring about each other, and the neatest class we have.  We are so proud of all of you,  who after all these years are still pounding out fantastic reunions, but, you care about each other, and you are there for each other”.

From The Staff Of Hamilton’s Southtown Funeral Home (I know, it is gross). I was told by the secretary that each time one of our 1973 family leave us, or lose a loved one, we are there, like no other group they have ever seen.  She said to handle the class of 1973 people who come to help their families out, you guys pack the place. “You are caring, loving, and are there for each other.  This, is the most wonderful gift a greiving family can have. Your class just is there,when needed,for each other.”

From Bobbie Sayles a planner at Willow Creek, “I want to tell you what a pleasure it is to serve your class on your reunions.  Your classmates act like they are loving each minute, and are like a family..Congrat’s on a great reunion, and a great class, that make us feel like family”.

There are more. But, I needed to share.  This is what I and the committee have worked so hard for.  We are not only classmates, we are family. We are there for each other.  The respect, and the love and caring shows.

Way to go class of 1973.  We are finally all where we belong.  Backing each other, being there when needed.  I am way past proud.  We are the best.  Thank’s for making this so special.

Love You All
Deb And the whole committee


One Response to “Reunion Reviews”

  1. Sherry Gamble Cooper Says:

    What! No feedback from the Baymont Inn & Suites? What’s up with that?

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