ALS Petition

Jeri Hoops Paca writes in with a request for the class from Shannon Johnson, a CCU nurse:

“Shannon Johnson is my oldest daughter’s best friend from high school. She has temporarily moved back here from Arizona with her young son to help take care of her mother who is in the end stages of ALS. She has written the attached petition. No money involved – just a signature to help come up with a recognition day. “

She passes along Shannon Johnson’s appeal:

Hi everyone! Some of you know me, some of you don’t, but my name is Shannon (yes, I’m one of the Shannons) and I work evenings. I worked here 7 years ago, moved to Arizona and have recently moved back to Iowa.  I came back because my Mom was diagnosed with ALS in 2006 and it has progressed to the point where she needs to have a caregiver 24/7…so between myself and my stepdad we’ve managed to accomplish that.

So…why am I writing you? I’m writing because I need your help. It will take about 3 minutes and requires nothing more than your signature on my petition. There are thousands of people pushing to make a formal connection between baseball and ALS. Lou Gehrig gave his farewell speech on July 4th (2009 will mark the 70th anniversary of that day) and because there are so many baseball games over the holiday we’d like to designate that day as an awareness day for ALS. The problem is, there’s no streamlined way for all of these people to show their support. So I created a petition and am working really hard to find all of those people and encourage them to sign it. I’d like to encourage you all to sign it as well.

I’ve included the petition website below…please take a couple minutes to sign it and pass it on to your friends and family. It doesn’t ask for anything controversial. Just the opportunity to raise public awareness and funds for the research of this disease over a couple days every year.

Thanks you guys!!

Shannon J.

It looks legitimate.  It’s for a good cause.  And it doesn’t cost you a dime.  I’ve signed it and maybe you’d like to do so, too.  However, I caution you to use the private option when writing your email address so that it’s not published.  You don’t want spammers to harvest your email address off a website and deluge you with Viagra ads and announcements that you’ve won the national Internet lottery in Nigeria every day of the week.


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