South Des Moines Little League 1963

South Des Moines Little League 1963

South Des Moines Little League 1963

Tom Comiskey takes us on a trip in the Wayback Machine with this photo of the Boys of Summer from forty-six, count ’em forty-six years ago when we were all eight years old:

Front row, left to right:  Don Kissell (Lincoln 73), Mike Mihalovich (Lincoln 73), Steve Smith (Lincoln 73), Uknown, Larry Quijano (Dowling)
Second row: Gary Ponce (LHS 72), Vince Bejarno (Dowling), Mike Caffrey (Dowling), Tom Comiskey (Lincoln 73), Scott Doane (LHS 72)
Third Row: Mark Powers, Danny Brown (Lincoln 73), David Green, Mike Dagle (Lincoln 73), Rocky Graziano (Dowling)


5 Responses to “South Des Moines Little League 1963”

  1. Danny Brown Says:

    Thanks Tom for digging this photo up. This is a great photo that reminds me of good times! Because of my Little League baseball days I’ve become a true baseball fan. It’s Sunday afternoon, and I’m right now watching my Colorado Rockies play the San Fransisco Giants on TV. Both of my boys played T-Ball and league baseball starting at age four. I enjoyed watching them play as much as my parents loved watching me struggle. My boys were about as good as I was, but they had fun. They are 19 and 15 now. Great stuff!


  2. Tom Comiskey Says:

    Hey Danny –
    Wasn’t South Des Moines Little League a blast? It was a great place to learn the game of baseball and some of life’s lessons along the way: teamwork and perseverance for starters.

    One of the cool things about SDMLL was that we had kids playing ball from many different ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds; in a very short time I learned how to insult somebody’s family in several different languages.

    But mostly it was just good ol’ wholesome American-as-Apple Pie baseball. Lots of fond memories, yes indeedy.

    Oh yeah – if you want a larger version of that picture, shoot me an e-mail:


  3. Michael Mihalovich Says:

    Actually Steve, this was taken in early summer of ‘63, some of us were only seven at the time. PEE WEE LEAGUE

    “Mike, what big ears you have”. I used to hear that a lot when I was a kid; but then again, the barber didn’t leave much untouched back in those days.

    I remember this day vividly. We had already received our hats at an earlier practice, but didn’t get our shirts until “picture day” came round. I was last in line and was crushed when the last one was handed out in front of me. Not because everybody else had one, but because I thought that meant I couldn’t be on the team. Life was sometimes tough as a kid.

    All I can say from this photo, is that the photographer must have said something funny and the front row were the only ones to hear. Not sure if Larry got it though.

    Looking back now, the best part of little league was the friendships that were forged. I was going to St. Anthony’s at the time, and although Vince and Larry were my best buddies, all these guys I can still call friends because of the common experiences we shared. Such good memories.

    Thanks Tom for reminding us!

  4. Michael Mihalovich Says:

    By the way, I think that’s Mark Powers next to Danny. His dad Fred was our assitant coach.

  5. Tony Bejarno Says:

    Thanks for posting the photo of my brother Vince. He passed away I’m 2002. If you have a higher resolution copy of this photo I would really like a copy. Tony Bejarno

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