Before The Reunion

Lincoln High Bulletin Board

Lincoln High Bulletin Board

Before the reunion, I took a spin around the South Side of Des Moines and this is what I saw.


4 Responses to “Before The Reunion”

  1. Loretta Says:


    Great job on all postings added to this blog. Reunion was a great time…Seeing the pics only reminds me that good friends from high school are some of the best. But, you can’t helo but think of those we have lost since the reunion. I am glad that you captured some great shots of all. Thanks for you time and talent on this project. The pics from around Des Moines are great. Des Moines has gone thru some changes since 1973…..but home is still home. I also, like the pic of “Iowa beneath my wings”….great shot to end with.

    Can’t wait for more to be posted…….

    Thanks again.

    • stevengregg Says:


      Glad you liked the pix but that’s all there is and there ain’t no more. Not good ones, anyway. The only thing I haven’t posted is some video from the homecoming game and that’s gonna be a while. Video takes a while to edit. Meanwhile, I’ll line up all the reunion stuff in one spot, right here, so that you don’t have to go searching for them all over the blog.

  2. DebDresback Says:

    This was great.Jane and I went to the school month’s before and asked this be up atleast a weel before our reunion,We also had a welcome home class of 1973 at Park Ave School,and in the Milestone’s section of the Sunday newspaper..We rock!!!!

  3. Deb Swanson-Dresback Says:

    Tomorrow night Aug 15th..We will be having dinner at Macaroni Grill..7:00..Come if you can.It was scheduled this time due to the visit of classmate Alan Crawford.but we have found out that now he will not be in town till Sunday..Anyone who is free come join us for an evening of fun..

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