Reunion Photos: Lincoln School Tour

Principal Al Graziano in the fabulous new foyer at Lincon High

Principal Al Graziano in the fabulous new foyer at Lincon High

Saturday morning, September 20th, 2008, the Class of ’73 gathered for a tour through our alma mater and the miraculous changes wrought therein.  We were pretty impressed.  They have modified, extended, and otherwise improved the school, though not so much that you don’t recognize it.  It’s not often that you can say that you have seen your tax dollars well spent, but this was one of them.

You can go along on the tour with us by clicking on this link to see the photos.


3 Responses to “Reunion Photos: Lincoln School Tour”

  1. Sherry Gamble Cooper Says:

    Thanks for the pictures of the Lincoln High School tour. I unfortunately missed it. Got in to town from Colorado too late. Wish I could have been there. I love this school! That’s why I had to come back and graduate with the friends that I had known all my life, after running away from home as a sophmore in 1971. Enduring juvenille hall and being sent to Southern California for my junior year. I had to come back. I must Thank my brother Cliff Gamble and his wife at that time Bobbi Brewer for taking me in and giving me the opportunity to graduate from the best school in Des Moines Iowa. South Side Pride!!

  2. Loretta Rizzuti Says:

    Awesome job on this one Steve. You descriptions are (were) perfect. It was fun to be back in the old building. My kids graduated in 2002 and 2004 – and the place has changed in the past 4 years. It is nice to see how that extra penny of sales tax was used at LHS. I too, was gone from Des Moines and the South side for 17 years, and ever sooooooo happy that I returned. Old friendships that once were thought to be gone have resurfaced. This blog and future scrapbooks that will be created will be treasured for years to come…..Thanks to you and the committee for keeping the Class of 1973 a close one. See ya all at Christmas time.

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