Hard Lost Classmates

These 133 classmates are hard lost, meaning we have no idea what happenned to them or where they live. Please peruse this list and tell me if you know their mailing addresses. Feel free to look for them. Most of them are likely to be in Des Moines or thereabouts, because the apple usually does not fall far from the Lincoln tree. Pick up the phone book and take a look there.

Mr. Timothy Allen
Ms. Rose Mary Amodeo Baratta
Ms. June A. Anderson White
Mr. Douglas Doug E. Arrowood
Ms. Kathleen Anne Battin
Ms. Kimberly A. Beaty
Mr. Jack Dale Beeler
Mr. David Andrew Belt
Ms. Mary L. Bengford
Ms. Sheryl Ann Bennett
Ms. Linda Kay Blackburn
Ms. Bonnie L Blanchard
Mr. Michael Douglas Brooks
Mr. Randall DeWayne Brown
Ms. Kathleen M. Brown
Mr. Timothy Lyle Burgess
Mr. Michael J. Burke
Ms. Gayle Busch Wilkinson
Mr. Raymond Vern Butler
Ms. Valerie Anne Ceretti
Ms. Carol Anne Coan
Dr. Robert Eugene Conn
Ms. Pamela Pam Ann Contri
Ms. Debra Lynne Cook
Ms. Kathleen Huffman Cox
Mr. Michael Cummins
Ms. Connie Jean Damerville
Ms. Debra Lynn Davis
Ms. Melody Ann Dennis Tanner
Ms. Linda Woolsey Diekmann
Ms. Connie Marie Drew Hiatt
Mr. Robert J. Edmonds
Ms. Alyce Edwards
Ms. Dee Ann Ellwell
Mr. Martin J. Enslow
Mr. Robert Pearson Evans
Ms. Eva M. Faith
Ms. Mary Cathy Catherine Fedro Ligouri
Mr. Steve Douglas Ferguson
Ms. Leanne Foreman
Ms. Caroline Sego French
Mr. Maurice F. Gillman
Ms. Patricia J. Guizzetti
Ms. Leanne Foreman Hale
Mr. Ryuichi Hamazaki
Mr. Gary H. Hannon
Ms. Kristin Hanson
Ms. Terri Suzanne Hayman Hawthorne
Mr. Rodney E. Henson
Mr. Ronald Alan Hill
Ms. Debra Kay Holman
Ms. Dale Raymond Jackson
Ms. Brenda Jean Johnson
Mr. Michael E. Johnson
Mrs. Terry Nana Maire Johnson Gomez
Ms. Luanne Hall Judd
Ms. Pamela Sue Jury Morlan
Mr. Jack L. Kauzlarich
Ms. Lora Ann Keeney
Mr. Bruce Dean Klucking
Ms. Cheryl Krumm
Ms. Kathleen Cathy Alice Lamb
Ms. Linda Sue Lane
Ms. Denese iren Layton
Ms. Wanda L. LeBlanc
Mr. Thomas Ivan Lela
Ms. Vicky L. Lynch
Mr. Gary Madden
Ms. Danillya Marchant
Mr. Ernest Eugene Marcum
Mr. Michael Mike D. Marvin
Ms. Dee Ann Mason
Ms. Sherry Lyn Mason
Mr. David Dave J. McDonald
Mr. Tom McDonald
Ms. Debra Jo McVey
Mr. Mark Allen Metelman
Ms. Deborah Rae Miller
Ms. Sandra Kay Miller
Mr. Bob Monaco
Ms. Diana J. Money Lynn
Ms. Pamela Myers Prock
Ms. Diane Gail Nichols
Mr. Craig Lewis Noring
Ms. Leslie M Normile
Mr. Monte L. Ollin
Mr. Michael J. Phillips
Mr. Charles A. Pilk
Ms. Rebecca Poindexter
Ms. Rickie Jay Ramsey
Ms. Cathy Jo Reeves Dunn
Mr. Dennis C. Reid
Ms. Jacqueline M. Rhoads
Mr. Charles E. Rice
Ms. Karen Ann Ricelli
Ms. Jeri Lee Riley
Ms. Vicki Kay Rowe
Ms. Sarah Belle Rushing
Mr. Harold Raymond Ryan
Ms. Sondra Lee Ryan Hochstetler
Mr. Daniel Dan Clifford Scott
Ms. Margaret Ann Scott
Ms. DeAnna M. Scovel
Mr. James Charles Sembower Jr.
Ms. Phyllis Shappell
Mr. Larry Dean Simmons
Mr. Dennis Craig Skidmore
Ms. Mary Lou Smith
Ms. Betty Ann Swartz
Mr. Joseph John Sztukowski Jr
Ms Debra Taylor
Ms. Martha Naomi Thompson
Ms. Paulette Sue Thompson
Mr. Randy Lee Thompson
Mr. Stephen A. Thompson
Ms. Danillya E. Tinlin
Ms. Nancy Olson Torode
Ms Susan R. Turner
Ms. Libbie Ella Ulch
Ms. Alicia Ann Urias Schwerdtfeger
Ms. Patricia Urias Stahl
Ms. Harriet Van Buskirk
Ms. Kathy Joann Vargus
Mr. Charles V. Wadle
Ms. Janet Sue Walker
Terry L. Way
Mr. Don L. Wieser
Ms. Lynne Williams
Ms. Jeanie S. Wilson
Mr. Andrew T. Wolder
Ms. Kathy Woolsey
Mr. Mark Stephen Wyatt
Ms. Virginia Ann Young


4 Responses to “Hard Lost Classmates”

  1. Janet S. Ades Says:

    Janet Sue Walker is not lost – I am one and the same unresponsive Janet Ades. You have my correct mailing address. You can now take me off two of the lists. I believe you already have my email address.

    • stevengregg Says:

      Our Reunion surgeons have reattached your separate selves into one whole Janet Sue Ades Walker, sharing a common name, heart, and lungs.

  2. Jades1818@aol.com Says:

    That would be Janet Sue Walker Ades. Walker was my maiden name and Ades is my married name. Thanks for putting me together . . . I think my husband would prefer I continue using my married name.

  3. Chloe Ross Says:


    I am not a slacker.

    I just don’t open Yellow mail.

    David Keil

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