Who Has Sent Their Check For The Reunion?


The reunion announcements have been mailed to about 470+ members of the Lincoln Class of 1973 and the reunion checks have immediately begun arriving. We have awoken the sleeping giant of the Class of 1973 and filled it with a terrific resolve to make this the biggest, bestest reunioniest reunion ever. It’s not just a reunion, it’s an adventure. Join us now! Send that check today!

Here is the list of folks who have paid up as of Monday, September 5, 2013:

1.    Terry Adair

2.    Tom Comiskey

3.     Roger Jorgenson

4      Debbie Jorgenson

5.     Sherry Gamble-Cooper

6.     Marion Riggs Gelb

7.     Anna Stallard

8.     Daniel Barfield

9.     Linda Barfield

10.   Steve Gregg

11.   Renee Myers Chiaramonte

12.   Jerry Chiaramonte

13.   Kathy Zenor McGarvey

14.   Curtis Lewis

15.   Connie (Drew) Hiatt

16.   Connie Carroll

17.   Frank Hoifeldt

18.   John Oatts

19.   Sandra Oatts

20.   Timothy Stanley

21.   Brian Evans

22.   Karen Evans

23.   Doug Ashbaugh

24.   Shelly Devine

25.  Susan Augustin

26.  Cindy Weller Housman

27.  Bill Marturello

28.  Kelly Marturello

29.  Al Knight

30.  Joyce Knight

31.  Sharon Gatto

32.  Dave Gatto

33.  Elizabeth Gregg Kennedy

34.  Ken Mitchell

35.  Marvin Delmott

36.  Donald Knox

37.  Becky Tollerud

38.  Bill Roth

39.  Kathy Roth

40.  Paula Furouhari

41.  Liz Tucci Calisesi

42.  Bob Schwerzler

43.  Jodi Tedesco Schwerzler

44.  Mark Blunck

45.  Vicki Carter Landon

46.  Gayle Mitchell Fawkes

47.  Carolyne Budgell

48.  Michael Mihalovich

49.  Vince Schweiger

50.  Valerie Schweiger

51.  Danny Brown

52.  Mary Jo Franzen Bailey

53.  Cynthia Barber

54.  Jane Goddard

55.  Bill Goddard

56. Lisa Mahnke

57. Marta Blomgren Pyatt

58. Mike Boothe

59. Mark Hagen

60. Linda Rizzuti Hagen

61. Richard Cooper

62. Mary Evans Willers

63. William C. Willers

64. Larry Peterson

65. Marilyn Denny Lisbon

66. Mike Klisares

67. Steve Larson

68. Karyal McClelland Larson

69. Phil Heiser

70. Anna Matlage Heiser

71. Jeff Robbins

72. Richard Lancaster

73. Carla Yaw Spriggs

74. Pam Miller Hill

75. DeeAnne Daugherty Newcomb

76. Ronda Billings Gentosi

77. Rick Gentosi

78. Kathy Abild Holzworth

79. Michael Holzworth

80. Dave Kali and guest

81. Teresa Righi-Ryner

82. Scott Hawkins

83. Deb Swanson Dresback

84. Pam Hood

85. Jim Beardsley

86. Kimberly Beardsley

87. Clyde Zenor

88. Deb Fresco Leech

89. Scott Andrews

90. Paul Carey

91. Vicky Rasser

92. Steven Newcomb

93. David Atkin

94. Tracie McKibben Atkin

95. Jon Croft

96. Debra Anderson Croft

97. Mary Schemmel

98. Karen Wityk Voss

99. Connie Mensing

100. Ron Jean Heberlin

101. Steve Heberlin

102. Jane O’Neal Munsell & Spouse

103. Laurie Gilbert & guest

104. Larry Kenoyer

105. Peggy Kenoyer

106. Sue Hardy DenOuden

107. Ken Horner

108. John Biggs

109. Maggie Biggs

110. Micheal Daly

111. Tim Detrick

112. Rebecca Bentzinger

113. Greg Ohrt Cole

114. Mary Smith Bertogli

115. Robert Conner

116. Lisa Mahnke

117. Jackie Lewiston & guest

118. Richard Cross

119. Deena Cross

120. Carol Pumphrey Meredith

121. Joseph Cordaro

122. Cynthia Cordaro

123. Robert Pomerantz

124. Jenny Knauer Daughty

125. Kim Daughty

126. Deb McWilliams Coady

127. Marie Berardi Allen

127. Marie Berardi Allen’s Guest

128. Loretta Rizzuti

129. Debra Floyd

130. Marcia Zarley Taylor

131. Maria (Sandi) Zavalla

132. Mary Ellen White Tripp

133. PJ Reynolds Mayfield

x. Gary Garnett (Tentative)

x. Ramona Garnett (Tentative)


3 Responses to “Who Has Sent Their Check For The Reunion?”

  1. Mike Boothe Says:

    Al Knight? Geez, why don’t you invite Hitler or Charlie Manson?

    • stevengregg Says:

      Manson said he wasn’t coming if Al Knight was there. Evidently, there is bad blood between them. Manson said the last time he saw him, Knight bit the head off a rat and spit it at him. So there’s that.

  2. Dee McCoy Wirick Davis Says:

    I am disappointed that I cannot come this year but it is for a wonderful reason. My 9th grandchild is due shortly after so I need to save my vacation to be with my daughter. I hope you all have a wonderful time. Hopefully we will do a 50th and I will be alive for that. I wish you all a safe and wonderful reunion. I will be with you in spirit. Dee McCoy Wirick Davis

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