Rich Cross



Rich Cross has been diagnosed with lung cancer and will start radiation therapy Monday. He may not be up for phone calls but cards would be nice to support him with his struggle. Please send them to his home address at 304 7th Street, WDMIA 50265-4515. That’s his pix up above from the last reunion, lurking outside Baratta’s.

Rich has helped with the class reunions since our golden tassels were still swinging from our maroon mortarboards, back when we were young and invincible. While a couple crews running the reunion came and went, Rich has stayed with it all along, mostly handling the money and acting as moral ballast in the tempestuous sea of class reunions. If you liked the reunions, why don’t you dash a note off to him? It would be a great comfort to him to know your thoughts and prayers are with him.


2 Responses to “Rich Cross”

  1. Says:

    His Steve, This is really sad news to me. I have known Rich for a very long time. Damn those cigarettes anyway! I think he used to smoke a pipe too, like his dad did. Our parents are really good friends. My dad introduced his dad to his mother and therefore Rich and his brothers came to be. Our dad’s loved to play golf together and Rich’s dad made a set of clubs for my dad. They were best friends and we kids grew up know Rich and his family. Both of our dads have passed. I shall send him my thoughts and prayers to him and his family. Thanks and take care Sherry

  2. Steve Gregg Says:

    The good news is that Rich has been declared cancer free after months of treatment.

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